Based in Leeds, we cover Yorkshire, Lancashire and Humberside. As GAS SAFE REGISTERED (304486) gas engineers we understand and take customer care very seriously. To ensure your safety at all times our engineers will always provide identification on first meeting to prove our identity and most importantly our competence.

FAQ and Prices


We have nothing to hide, so for your convenience we have below a list of common prices you can expect to pay. Unless we agree further works with you, No final bill will be larger than the original quote we agree before work starts.

Servicing (Prices From...)

£60 - Condensing combi boiler, standard efficiency boilers, wall heaters, water heaters (not warm air units). This is a clean and safety check only. Any additional seals, thermocouples etc or remedial work is charged extra. 

examples of full service:

£149 - Vaillant Ecotec ALL models, includes main burner gasket, pressure sensor as part of full strip service

£149 - Worcester Bosch Greenstar series of boilers - inlcudes: electrode, burner seal, full service, fan membrane


£99 - £60 Boiler check including system water protection dosing, filter clean and radiator check

£60 - gas fires

£75 - gas stoves, cookers

£99 - Back boiler gas fire


Landlord Gas Safety Inspections (CP12)

£60.00 - first two appliances; £7.50 per additional appliance on the same certificate, £60 service charge per gas fire includes additional appliance fee.

We will not carry out a gas safety inspection on a property with a gas fire if the landlord does not agree to having the fire serviced


Discounts available for contract work:

20+ properties discounts available, contracts agreed on an individual basis


Please note you are buying an inspection, not a certificate. The certificate is issued after the inspection and will have all advisories on it.  Warning notices will be produced at the time of inspection if necessary and will be charged extra (£7.50). Any remedial work will always be quoted for. In the unfortunate circumstance where an appliance has to be turned off, the relevant fees will be charged as 1 hour repair plus materials. 


Repairs - Boilers

From £60 per hour plus materials for gas and plumbing repairs £30 per hour after that (maximum labour cost of any boiler repair is £200, this is guaranteed)


  • 1 hour repair, no materials: £60
  • 1 hour repair, £150 materials: £210
  • 2 hour repair, £ 50 Material: £90+50 = £140


Some of my common prices, please call if you are unsure:


£Free Quotes on all boiler upgrades/ central heating systems

£230 - Replacement pump/ system circulator including valves- domestic only

£100 - fit a Hob, materials included (includes 2nd visit for kitchen refurbishments, does not include hob moves to alternative locations, minor pipework adjustment only)

£125 - cooker fit. Hose, bayonet and minor pipe alterations included. Excludes any major pipe runs.

£125 - fit gas fire only, includes isolation valve and minor copper extension and gas safe registration

£165 - Supply and fit wireless programmable room thermostat - 1 year warranty 

£75 - fit a customer supplied thermostat, including nest to any combi boiler (this cost excludes splan / yplan systems)

£219 - Supply and fit a magnetic filter

from £600 - labour only to install customer supplied boiler, ALL materials to be supplied by customer, if not these will be charged in addition with 30% markup.



from £349*

£349 is combi boiler upto 10 single radiators (double panels count as 2 radiators),  including chemicals

- £20 per additional panel

- If your heating system is microbore pipework (<15mm diameter pipework) then please add an additional £59 to the price.

- If your heating system is the type that has tanks in the loft, please add £59 to the price.

- PLEASE NOTE: double panel radiators count as 2 of the 10 single radiators.


Fernox Omega magnetic system filter fitted from £219 (£159 if option is taken with a powerflush).

Spirovent RV2 system air removal tool fitted from £219 (£159 if option is taken with a powerflush).

Grundfos UPS3 pump upgrade at time of PowerFlush is £150 (from £230 at all other times).


General costs (prices from...)

£60 for first hour plus materials for gas and plumbing repairs, £30 per hour after that.

£220 day rate - 8 hours

£125 - Half day rate - 4 hours

from £600 - fit a customer supplied boiler, combi to combi swap only - Company charge only, materials are charged extra - T&C's apply


Call out charges

No call out charge for next day assistance

£60 - emergency call for same day attendance. This is in addition to the standard hourly charge as detailed above. No evening or weekend service.


Opening hours

Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

We offer no service outside of these hours.

For all other queries please call 07887745380 or email for prices.



How much will it cost to install a new boiler or central heating system?

To make sure that you get the right boiler and central heating system for your home you can arrange for one of our specialist gas engineers to visit. Using the latest technology, our adviser will give you a free, detailed quotation, not an estimate, which is tailored specifically to your needs at the time of the visit. By having an email address ready, we can email the quote to you within hours of seeing the job. See offers page for special deals.

Does a boiler and central heating system need to have regular services?
We recommend that you have your boiler serviced each year, and that the levels of inhibitor in your central heating are checked regularly. This will ensure that you system is working at maximum performance and safety. As a matter of precaution, all gas appliances should be serviced every 12 months. If you cannot keep this up we offer boiler repairs and are breakdown specialists in the Leeds and Yorkshire area. Boiler breakdowns and repairs are most likely to be needed when a boiler has not been serviced or maintained for serveral years. 

Why is my radiator hot at the top and cold at the bottom?
Known a "pyramiding" This usually means you have a sludge build up in the bottom of the radiator. This can be resolved by powerflushing the central heating system, usually around £300-£400 for up to 10 radaitors. However, before taking any action we recommend that you seek expert advice to identify the cause of the sludge first, for example you may have a water leak causing oxidisation. Our expert repair engineers can diagnose and rectify you central-heating sludge problems, giving an old system several more years of life. In addition to the powerflush it is advised that a magnetic filter is fitted to help protect from sludge in the future (please see sale page).

Why is my radiator cold at the top and hot at the bottom?
This usually means that there is air trapped in the top of your radiator. You may want to try to bleed the radiator to release the air, a simple job that the user of the central heating system should be doing to keep maintenance costs low. If the problem continues to occur however, we suggest that you have your central heating checked by an expert repair engineer in case there are any underlying system problems, for example a leak. 

Why are some of my radiators hotter than others?
This usually means that your central heating system is incorrectly balanced. This results in the hot water not flowing evenly to each radiator, causing inefficiency and costing you MORE in gas. We suggest that you have one of our repair engineers check your central heating system and plumbing systems. Balancing a system should take several hours if done correctly.

What is a Thermostatic Radiator Valve?
A Thermostatic Radiator Valve allows you to control the temperature in individual rooms around your home. It can also help you reduce your gas bills by automatically adjusting the radiator temperature once your room has reached its desired level. Just one of the things our specialist gas/repair engineers and plumbers fit on a daily basis to help reduce the cost of your gas bill, leaving you with extra money in your pocket!

Isn't fitting a new central heating system very disruptive and messy?
The installation of a new gas central heating system does involve new pipework being fitted and heating controls being installed. We aim to ensure that disruption in your home is kept to a minimum, we will keep you updated on our progress at all times. We treat your home as if it is our own, and take pride in keeping our work space as tidy and clutter free as is possible.

My Tap isn't working?
Looks like the washer has expired. This is a simple job and will take a reliable plumber / gas and central heating repair engineer less than an hour to complete.

My gas fire lights but then cuts out?
This could be a serious problem causing the safety device to be called into action. Please turn the fire off, keep it off and contact Adams Gas Heating and plumbing immediately on 07887745380 for specialist gas service.

All leaks can usually be sorted by changing the washers. It all depends on how hard the washers are to get to! 

If you need a new central heating system, please call us now for a no obligation free quote!